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Howdy Folks!

We are constantly working on improving Mockup Everything to make it the best mockup service around. We know we aren’t perfect, so if you need help or just want to say “hi” check out the Contact page or email us at support@mockupeverything.com.

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.


Absolutely! But you need to keep in mind, the design specifications of the manufacturer are specific to their product and service lines and will effect the outcome. We have partnered with Jakprints to provide our Mockup Everything members a large assortment of custom printed products to choose from. To see what Jakprints can do for you, Create Yours Now!

The Mockup Everything Pro Version includes access to all our templates from the apparel, print, outdoor, food & beverage, and technology categories.

To see our current list of templates, take a look at our ‘Templates’ library: http://mockupeverything.com/template-library/.

Wish there were even more templates to choose from? Never fear! Each month for Pro users, we’ll expand our library with at least 5 new templates and some brand new categories. Keep a lookout for monthly emails to stay in-the-know. Sign up for our free newsletter!

As a Pro User, you’ll also have the ability to save out larger jpeg snapshots than a Free User would (1000 x 563 to be exact)!

Last but not least, you’ll be able to save out images with transparent backgrounds (pngs for all!)

Once you get a taste of the Pro Version, we think you’ll want stick around. But there’s no hard feelings if you don’t — you can cancel your Pro subscription anytime.

Remember:  because you’ve signed up for the Pro Version, you’ll be charged the $12.00 per month after the trial expires.

When you click on the “save image” button, you will be prompted to save out a jpeg, to use as you wish. If you are a Free User you will get a 540×305 pixel jpeg and for Pro Users you will get a 1000×563 pixel jpeg.

If you would like more control over your templates, you’re in luck! We have two options for you.

You can either purchase Photoshop (PSD) files for individual templates over at our Template Library or you can head over to our other online store, The Arsenal. At the Arsenal, you’ll be able to purchase PSD mockup templates in packs & collections!

Have you been asking yourself, “Why should I upgrade to the Pro Version of Mockup Everything?” Well, here are the reasons why the Pro Version rocks!

  • You will have access to every template we have in our template library.
  • Each month we will be adding a minimum of 5 templates and you will have immediate access once they are published.
  • Save 1000×563 JPEG images, versus 540×305 in the free version.
  • Your saved image won’t have the Mockup Everything watermark.
  • Advertisements will be blocked.
  • It’s only $12 per/month (you know you spend more than that per week on coffee).
  • Priority access to Customer Support.
  • Priority consideration for template requests.


Why of course you can!

  1. All you have to do is click on the button called “select template.”
  2. Then choose which template you would like to see your designs mocked up on.
  3. Click on the highlighted area to add your image to the canvas.
  4. Change the background and product color if you wish.
  5. Once you are finished click the “save image” button.
  6. After that a dialog box will pop up for you to chose to either save out a: higher resolution jpeg image file (1000×563) which means you would have to sign up for the FREE 7-day Pro Version trial or save out a lower resolution jpeg image file (540×305) for FREE!

How you can save your image for FREE

The Free Templates options are:

  • iPad angled
  • Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt Flat – Front
  • Men’s Distressed T-Shirt Ghosted – Front
  • Women’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt Ghosted – Front
  • Women’s Distressed T-Shirt Flat – Front
  • Poster with Hands
  • Magazine Cover

Want to know why you should sign up for the Pro Version? Then check out our Support Page for more info.

I know this has been confusing for some of our users. The Template Library just shows you image files of the variety of templates we offer. If you are a Pro User you will have access to every template in our library; however, if you are a Free User, you would only have access to the following templates:

  • ipad-angled,
  • men’s crew neck shirt flat-front,
  • men’s distressed shirt ghosted-front,
  • women’s crew neck shirt ghosted-front,
  • women’s distressed shirt flat-front,
  • poster with hands, and
  • the magazine cover.

So when you click on one of the template images in the library, it will not take you to the actual template.Our mockup system was built in Flash so we don’t have the ability to link the image files to the actual templates. We apologize for this inconvenience and we have noted the issue and will keep that in mind for future improvements.

While we have tried to make Mockup Everything as intuitive as possible, we also know that for our 1st time users, you might need a quick little walk-through.

Check out this little video all about How to Use Mockup Everything!

How to Use Mockup Everything.com from Go Media on Vimeo.

Or, head to our GoMediaZine post entitled, “How To Use Mockup Everything” for step-by-step instructions on how to use the site.


Many of you have asked if the templates you see in the Template Library are for both the front and the back versions of those products. And the answer is that it depends on the product and more importantly the category that the product is in. All of the Print, Technology, Outdoor, and Food & Beverage categories only have the front version available. Whereas, for the apparel templates most of them have both the front and the back versions available, but there are some exceptions.

The templates listed below, only have the front version available:

  • Men’s Boardshorts
  • Men’s Basketball Shorts
  • Men’s Boxer Shorts
  • Men’s Distressed T-Shirt – Flat
  • Men’s Urban T-Shirt – Ghosted
  • Women’s Bra & Panties
  • Women’s Crew Neck T-Shirt – Modelshot
  • Women’s Distressed T-Shirt – Flat
  • Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Modelshot
  • Women’s Ribbed Beater – Modelshot
  • Women’s Shorts
Headwear | Outerwear | Baby & Kids
  • Hat
  • Trucker Hat
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Pullover Hoodie – Modelshot
  • Baby Clothing Layout
  • Baby Onesie
  • Kid’s Baseball T-Shirt
  • Kid’s T-Shirt – Ghosted
Everything Else
  • All Print Products
  • All Technology Products
  • All Outdoor Products
  • All Food & Beverage Products

Please make sure you have Adobe Flash downloaded onto your machine. If you already do, make sure it’s updated to the latest version.

Mockup Everything involves a renewal fee of $12 (following the 7 day free trial.) You must follow the simple instructions to cancel your subscription or notify us that you want to cancel before your next monthly fee hits. Otherwise, you understand that it will automatically continue and you authorize us to charge you your monthly fee of $12. Your subscription is not considered cancelled unless the status in “MY ACCOUNT” (upper right-hand side of your screen) changes from Membership Type: PRO

to Membership Type: FREE

Upgrading is easy, especially from the homepage. You’ll see a Go Pro link in two places up top, there’s a banner on the right and Sign Up gives you the same opportunity to enjoy a 7 day free trial! Upgrading to Pro requires a Paypal subscription. The fee is charged monthly, securely through Paypal. Cancel any time!  Once you cancel your subscription you will not be charged again.

Please note that we do not offer refunds for monthly subscriptions. If you wish to cancel your membership before your 7 day trial is complete, you will not be charged. 


If you’re already a member, you can upgrade to pro any time! Once you’re logged in, go over to My Account and you’ll see an Upgrade to Pro link. It will take you over to Paypal to process the subscription.


Downgrading back to the Free version is easy! Be sure you’re logged in.

Next, click on My Account where you’ll see Account Info in the right column. Click the Cancel Pro link.

You’ll be taken to your Paypal account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the Cancel Subscription button at the bottom.

That’s it! Your account will be automatically downgraded after you end your subscription. You can upgrade again at any time.


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