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When I click on an image in the Template Library, why doesn’t take me to the template I’ve chosen?

I know this has been confusing for some of our users. The Template Library just shows you image files of the variety of templates we offer. If you are a Pro User you will have access to every template in our library; however, if you are a Free User, you would only have access to the following templates:

  • ipad-angled,
  • men’s crew neck shirt flat-front,
  • men’s distressed shirt ghosted-front,
  • women’s crew neck shirt ghosted-front,
  • women’s distressed shirt flat-front,
  • poster with hands, and
  • the magazine cover.

So when you click on one of the template images in the library, it will not take you to the actual template.Our mockup system was built in Flash so we don’t have the ability to link the image files to the actual templates. We apologize for this inconvenience and we have noted the issue and will keep that in mind for future improvements.