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Do the templates have both the front & back versions available?

Many of you have asked if the templates you see in the Template Library are for both the front and the back versions of those products. And the answer is that it depends on the product and more importantly the category that the product is in. All of the Print, Technology, Outdoor, and Food & Beverage categories only have the front version available. Whereas, for the apparel templates most of them have both the front and the back versions available, but there are some exceptions.

The templates listed below, only have the front version available:

  • Men’s Boardshorts
  • Men’s Basketball Shorts
  • Men’s Boxer Shorts
  • Men’s Distressed T-Shirt – Flat
  • Men’s Urban T-Shirt – Ghosted
  • Women’s Bra & Panties
  • Women’s Crew Neck T-Shirt – Modelshot
  • Women’s Distressed T-Shirt – Flat
  • Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Modelshot
  • Women’s Ribbed Beater – Modelshot
  • Women’s Shorts
Headwear | Outerwear | Baby & Kids
  • Hat
  • Trucker Hat
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Pullover Hoodie – Modelshot
  • Baby Clothing Layout
  • Baby Onesie
  • Kid’s Baseball T-Shirt
  • Kid’s T-Shirt – Ghosted
Everything Else
  • All Print Products
  • All Technology Products
  • All Outdoor Products
  • All Food & Beverage Products